How To Make A Free Portfolio Website Within 20 Minute

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Portfolio Website is a Modern Way To Show Your Professions
Every Single Person Need a Website For showcase their Work

How To Build A website in 5 Steps:

  1.  Choose a free domain and hosting provider company
  2. Create a account on free domain and hosting provider site
  3. Choose a Website building platform or CMS and Install on your site
  4. Picked a flexible Portfolio Theme ,Install and active it
  5.  Import a Portfolio theme template 

Step 1:Choose a free domain and hosting provider company

Have huge free domain and hosting provider company whose provide free hosting service also domain .If you use their services then include a extra name of your domain cause it’s free.In this tutorial i’m going to use I hope it will give you batter.performance.

Step 2:Create a account on free domain and hosting provider site

Simply visit this link  fill-up this form and make a pantheon account. After successfully create a  account then sing in here.

Let’t get started to build a Portfolio website 

#Create a new Website

wordpress portfolio themes free

 # Choose your Website name

wordpress portfolio themes free

Step 3: Choose Your CMS

In this tutorial I’m going to use WordPress Platform cause WordPress is most popular CMS and it easy to customize  and It include Huge Free portfolio themes

# So Deploy WordPress Of your site.

wordpress portfolio themes free

# After complete Deploying WordPress Visit your pantheon site Dashboard

wordpress portfolio themes free

# Visit site admin and select your languages

wordpress portfolio themes free

# Give your Information: Site Title, User Name, Strong Password and put Your Email address where you want to website information 

#  Install WordPress and Login your website dashboard.

wordpress portfolio themes free

Step 4: Choose a Portfolio Theme ,Install and active it

# Go to Appearance Themes>add new

# Search astra

# Install and active 

Step : 5 Import a Portfolio theme template 

# Again Go to Appearance>Astra options 

# Active importer Plugin

wordpress portfolio themes free

# Select Page Builder Elementor 

# Search ” Sierra industry ” I picked this portfolio template but you can choose whatever you want

wordpress portfolio themes free

# Import Complete site

wordpress portfolio themes free

Congratulation Your Website Is Ready You Can Change Logo,Site icon,content and More From Dashboard

If you need any Help or Have any question then contract me .I’ll help you friendly.


Russell Raaz
Russell Raaz
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